Keeping Your Volunteers in the Loop

TeamSync is an automated volunteer management solution for your church.

 Schedule your entire volunteer team for the whole year with automated reminders

in minutes...




TeamSync handles volunteer scheduling so you don't have to! With a rotation of four weekly teams, your volunteers will be able to view which days they are serving for months, or even years, in advance. Once you set up your ministry teams you can sit back and let the system handle all your volunteer scheduling - your volunteer coordinator (or multi-tasking pastor) can focus on what matters - building relationships!


TeamSync wants to see your entire volunteer team thriving! This can only happen when care & clarity exist for your team. We help you bring community with the advanced chat feature - teams can pray with one another, share wins together, and even handle logistics! We help you bring clarity by letting your volunteers know when and where they should be every week!



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Churches are LOVING TeamSync

Check out these Pastors who were tired of spending so much time scheduling volunteers and now have more time to focus on what matters!

Justin LOVES TeamSync

Lead Pastor Breath of Life Church

Houston, TX


I remember spending hours making sure I had all our volunteers scheduled. Now, TeamSync does it all whiile I can just focus on volunteer engagement! There is nothing like it out there, especially at the price. Our volunteer team is thriving!



Brianna LOVES TeamSync

Lead Pastor Legacy Church

Virginia, MI


Team Sync has been such a great resource for our growing church. Being a church planter with all volunteers and no current paid staff, Team Sync has helped me organize and structure our Serve Team. I used to dread making the Serve Team schedule every quarter and now--just a few small tweaks and it makes itself! 

Antonio LOVES TeamSync

Lead Pastor New Life Rehoboth

Bronx, NY


We love TeamSync! This software has made my life as a pastor so much easier!  The UI is easy to use for both my staff and volunteers.  And customer support is 5 stars!






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